Mobile App is Spicy Ingredient for Business Growth

As the technology industry is evolving innovations are being made to the existing technologies and with those chances and opportunities for business are increasing day by day. People are looking forward to earning their money from digital means and learning new digital skills. Mobile App Development is also one of the most demanded and money-making skills. You can earn money through mobile application development.

As the demand for app development is increasing, its scope is also expanding. In the early days, there were very few choices for app development. If we only look into the mobile operating systems there were only three options Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Apple but now if we see we have multiple options and versions, even the concept of different app formats on different platforms is becoming a trend day by day. With all of these, mobile app development is surely a great business option to make money.

Why Mobile Apps Are Essential for Your Business Growth?

High-profit business

All major app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Android Market, and more have made billions of dollars in profits over the past few years. Mobile apps have now become one of the easiest and best ways to advertise and sell products and services, encourage social information sharing, and generally encourage mobile users to develop and maintain brand loyalty.

The mobile app development market is vast and offers a huge space for app developers and companies to achieve more than expected success with little initial investment. If we take an example of a gaming app, PUBG is a great gaming app that has maintained huge popularity among the masses. While many other such apps have been successful, the app has become the best-selling app by generating the most revenue for its creator.

The secret to mobile app success

There are thousands of popular applications that have been downloaded millions of times by users. But few of them can generate the income that big players do. The real reason behind this has nothing to do with the company’s lack of insight.

Again, citing the “PUBG” example, they released a free version of the app for the Android Market. This version also comes with an advertising column, which is where the actual revenue comes from. Today, the company still manages to earn more from these ads than from actual sales of the app.

Of course, the success of an app depends on how many people use it, and how much time they spend they no doubt have a great game development team. The development team focused on trying to attract mobile users, creating a game that would encourage them to use the app over and over again. The company rolls out regular app updates alongside the release of updates to the free version, which are eagerly awaited by audiences. PUBG is now more than just a mobile app – it’s now a brand name with users from all over the world.

Take advantage of mobile social sharing

Developing a mobile social app is a great way to be successful in the app market. This encourages users to share information with their friends online with little extra effort from the application developer. Mobile services like Facebook and Twitter are prime examples of such applications, which are the ire of the current generation of users.

While developing a social app may not be rewarding a lot, combining it with in-app purchases would be a great way for developers to drive more revenue through their apps. In the case of mobile social games, developers may offer users a completely ad-free version of the game for a nominal fee. Some games also make money by encouraging users to buy virtual cash or add game themes. This technique, while effective, also requires a lot of time and effort from the application developer.

Partner with mobile brands and carriers

Several app developers and companies are now working with mobile brands and operators to distribute their apps to them. This can be a win-win situation if it works as expected. However, the app developer enjoys only a fraction of that revenue in this case, as he or she has to pass on most of the profits to the relevant mobile device brand or carrier.

Additionally, each of these brands or carriers may have different rules for how apps should look. This may end up curbing the creativity of developers. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity for new app developers to showcase their work and get noticed in the app market.


In a nutshell, Mobile App development or Mobile Apps can help your business to grow and brings a vast range of opportunities that you can avail. It can make a lot of revenue and it can take you millions and billions of dollars. Facebook is the best example of that.

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Written by Kenna Johnson


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