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5 Lucrative Careers To Choose In IT Tech Industries For 2020

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Building a career takes the right decisions at the right time. Currently, the IT tech sector offers one of the most lucrative jobs. IT technologies and related businesses have seen new horizons through Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Net technologies, among others, have been prevalent for quite a long time now. Among other emerging technologies, net technologies registered a 2.3% increase.

The average salary of a professional in the IT technologies sector is in the range of $17,461 to $118,836. This is the reason why the IT tech industry is considered the most lucrative industry? Let’s discover five such lucrative job positions in the IT sector.

1. Data Scientists:

In the age of Big Data, data scientists are quite high in demand. Data scientists have the most top paying job with around a salary of $141,000 per year. The Harward business review terms it as the sexiest job of the 21st century. The job description includes analysis and pattern detection in data for effective decision making.

A data scientist should be well-versed in statistical analysis, data heuristics, programming languages like python, and other data related skills.

2. IoT based Architect:

IoT or Internet of Things has two sides to its solutions. One side comprises of the web and app development of IoT based technologies. While the other hand has firmware and hardware-based solutions. It ranges in solutions for products like a fitness tracker, smartwatch, smart homes, smart speaker, and several others.

An IoT based solution architect can ear up to $133,000 per year. Skills required for an IoT professional are machine learning knowledge, programming language skill, hardware architecture know-how, and others.

3. Software Engineer:

A software engineer can earn up to $130,000 per year. It is a lucrative job position in IT sector for years now. It is like an old wine that gets better with years going by. From designing software, developing it, and deploying the software on the respective platform, everything needs a software engineer.

Even the prototyping of software based on the requirements of different clients is part of the job description. A software engineer job may never be out of fashion.

4. DevOps Engineer:

DevOps is a merger of two different departments of software development. One being development and other being operations. So, a DevOps engineer can look over several things at the same time from automation of development, deployment, and delivery. Efforts of DevOps engineer achieve continuous deployment and continuous delivery. It is the sole reason why the job profile is lucrative and has an average salary of $123,000 per year.

5. AI Architect:

Artificial Intelligence gained traction over the years due to its intelligent solution. It has an average salary of $119,000 per year. With AI algorithms, predictive analysis can help businesses achieve better results. An AI architect can help a business achieve such algorithmic models.


If you are looking for a lucrative career, IT tech sector is the best for you. It has many high-paying job positions than any other industrial sector. It is one of the fastest-growing industries and with all the automation; it will be in-demand in 2020!

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