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Five most useful books for graphic designers in 2020

Graphics or graphic design is a form of visual communication between a business and its consumers. It requires any other component in the application.

A well thought out graphic design improves the readability of commercial content and makes the user browse.

However, in addition to being attractive, graphic design should also be strategic. Other elements are equally important. It is a combination of text, print skills, images, and page layout techniques.

The final design should be clean, digestible, and usable, which can generate feedback from users.

Graphic Design Book: Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited, A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

Usability is one of the most critical design factors. Customers do not choose from the best available option; Rather, they want the only option available. It is a book for both web designers and web developers, the book mainly focused on information design and navigations.

This book exposes common design mistakes and sets out best practices for web design. This book is more inclined to UI / UX with elements of testing, access, usability, and design. This book is not a single read; Rather, it is a book for simple references.

Colour interaction

In this book, you will learn the theory of complexity and colour combinations. It offers a selection of 60 colour studies and focuses on principles such as colour relativity, colour intensity and temperature, transparency, vibrant and missing borders, and confusion of inverted terrain. This is an excellent book for artists, painters, designers who are more inclined towards colour strategy.

Books of how to become a graphic designer without losing your soul

This book is a source of practical advice combined with philosophical guidance that helps young professionals shape their careers. It brings together vital chapters on professional skills, creative processes, and modern global trends. Provides a concise guide to setting up, operating, and promoting your own design business. It is an excellent read and is excellent for regular references.

Graphic Design Book: A Critical Guide to Designers, Writers, Editors & Students

It provides the latest information in sheets, subtitles, font licensing, mixed character usage, and handwriting. This is a book specifically designed for the use of words.

Grid Systems in Graphic Design: Visual Communication Handbook for Graphic Designers, Typographer, and Three-dimensional Designers

Grid systems allow designers to organize content information in a logical, well-structured, and balanced way. This book presents guidelines and rules on how and why a network system use through conceptual examples. It goes deep into grids and printing systems and allows designers to perform efficiently.


The books listed above cover aspects of personal design. Every element is essential, from the first sketch to the final form of information. The above books complement each other, focusing on one design element at a time. It recommends consulting several books from beginner to advanced to get complete knowledge.

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