Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Service Industry

Financial Services providers leverage CRM and ERP solutions boosted by industry specific ‘accelerators’ to ensure seamless configurations, implementations, and upgrades for modules demanding extensive customizations at a lower cost.      

With growing competition and digitalization, worldwide Financial Service providers strive to deliver more of every possibility to clientele and collaborate more to be consistent with altering rules, thus ensuring the organization’s sturdy future by fulfilling all strategic objectives. Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions comprise various financial management capabilities with advanced features and innovative tools. One such solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365 that assures stronger accounting metrics, provides enterprise-wide financial planning, enables meaningful forecasting, and ensures financial reporting effectiveness.

Dynamics 365 for Financial Service industry is a cloud enabled CRM solution that capably serves the business purposes of various financial service companies, including Auctions, Bankers, Credit Unions, Insurance Brokers, Investment Banking, Lending Providers, Mortgage Brokerage, Mutual Fund Providers, Stock Exchanges, and Wealth Managers.

Features to Look Forward

Dynamics 365 for Financial Services includes various tools and capabilities to help financial service providers streamline industry specific procedures and compliance requirements for clients.

360 Degree Client View

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers centrally managed clients’ information, allowing users to monitor and track customers’ details, including contact information, interactions, emails, phone calls, market preferences, purchase history, and more. The application stores information in a single source system that enables administrators to save time and effort browsing through numerous spreadsheets or systems, resulting in an enhanced user experience. Furthermore, the complete 360- Degree customers’ view helps categorize high- worth clients separately.

Multiple Device Access

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to access similar features and functionalities while using a mobile application or browsing the platform on a desktop browser. The solution provides flexible access to users who frequently manage work remotely or from home. Moreover, the software empowers the workforce to access contact and account information, monitor and send emails, and leverage other features from anywhere and anytime.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitates users to monitor sales funnels and key performance indicators (or KPIs) leveraging embedded interactive dashboards. Dynamics 365 for Financial Services seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerBI that helps generate and deliver industry- specific, insightful reports for better business performance.

Safety and Regulatory Requirements

Financial Services Organizations must comply with strict industry regulations and other legalities. Dynamics 365 CRM/ ERP solutions enable businesses to manage regional compliances and rules through securely stored data in a central system with higher availability assurance. Moreover, the application empowers users to manage processes efficiently with minimum human errors while ensuring that the organization is data compliant.

Software Integration

Dynamics 365 for Financial Services integrates easily with external applications and the Microsoft ecosystem, including the Microsoft 365 stack (Word, OneNote, SharePoint, Excel, and others), the Power Platform (PowerBI, Power Automate, and Power Apps), and Other Dynamics 365 tools and applications.

Other Features and Capabilities

  • Enhanced security and cloud capabilities enabled within the Microsoft environment.
  • Personalized templates and customized solutions for all financial service sector needs.
  • Omnichannel customer support approach helps accelerate customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Inbuilt intelligent automation optimizes operational efficiency for maximum utilization of core competencies with lower ownership cost and higher returns on investment or ROI.
  • Dynamics 365 for Financial Services is a real time CRM that ensures submitted data is immediately available to users.

Dynamics 365 for Financial Services – Industry Specific Accelerators

Experts recommend using an industry accelerator, which can be an excellent fit to ensure effective financial management at zero to low cost and spending less time while businesses decide to move ahead with Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP implementation. Earlier, during the launch of accelerators, a partner used to charge fees for every modification and customization as needed by businesses.

Microsoft launched an Industry Accelerator for financial services in 2019, aiming to ensure a quick, efficient, and budget- friendly implementation. These accelerators help expand the Dataverse model beyond the standard, traditional CRM entities or tables and to include industry specific features. Here below are the key Financial Service Industry Accelerators:

Banking Accelerator

Dynamics 365 Licensed Businesses implementing Banking Accelerator will get the following features:

  • New Areas (or tables) of Dynamics 365 for Checking Accounts, Commercial Loans, Deposit Accounts, Financial Products, Home Equity, Mortgages, and 12 other financial metrics
  • Forms, Relationships, and Table Views: Each table would include forms, relationships with other tables, and form UI (User Interface) controls.
  • Customer 360 Form would publish all financial information about any individual vendor partner, including financial products, referrals, branch details, and more.
  • Dashboards: Embedded with the PowerBI tool, the Branch Manager Dashboard also comes free with Banking Accelerator for licensed Dynamics 365 users. The dashboard delivers near real time insights on commercial loans and retail applications.
  • Other freebies with Banking Accelerator include Workflows, PowerApp, Site Map extensions, and more.

Insurance Accelerator

Microsoft is still listing the Insurance Accelerator as in preview mode. However, the tools seem expected to reach general availability (like the Banking Accelerator) anytime soon. Insurance Accelerator extends the Dataverse model for insurance specific needs. The accelerator comprises the below primary components:

  • New Areas (or Tables) of Dynamics 365 include Insurance Policy, Insurance Product, Coverage, Policy Term, Claim, Agency, Insurance Company, Commission, Insurance Customer, and 12 other modules.
  • Forms, Relationships, and Views for every Area or Table for better control and management
  • Insurance Agent Dashboards monitor active claims by claim type, date, and first notice of loss.
  • Customer 360 Form enables a complete view of customers’ data for efficient client management.
  • Other tools include Workflows, PowerApp, Site Map Extensions, and more.

To Conclude

Global Financial Services providers focus on delivering high quality customer relationships, but customer service alone would not get the job done. Therefore, financial services providers must consider every aspect of client engagement, including driving higher customer loyalty that directly translates into a winning competitive advantage while helping shoot up business gains profits and ensuring commendable business success.

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