How To Maximize Your Mobile App Development With Flutter And Dart?

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As a business starts developing a concept, it needs execution. An essential part of mobile app development is the development phase. While many companies look for a rapid development process. There are some tools can help you achieve faster mobile growth. Here, we are going to discuss two such tools-Flutter and Dart.

How To Maximize Your Mobile App Development With Flutter And Dart

But, before who get to know these tools, let’s explore the world of mobile applications. The mobile app development market  set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14%. It’s expected to reach $100 billion by 2020. Basically, there are two basic types of applications; one is a native app development, and other is cross-platform app development.

Native apps are platform-specific like android and iOS. While cross-platform apps work on both these platforms. A flutter is an excellent tool for cross-platform development. Now, let’s discuss how tools like Flutter and Dash help you in mobile app development?

Flutter for Mobile App Development:

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile development platform. It is an open-source framework for app development. It provides all the necessary features and widgets useful for application development.

But, It is not just the Flutter that makes it exciting. It is a combination Of Flutter and Dart that makes it more attractive for developers. If Flutter is the body, Dart is the soul! Dart is a programming language that provides the most exciting features to Flutter app development.

Hot Reload:

Flutter leverages Dart Virtual Machine (VM) for hot reloading feature. As a developer, you can quickly build the user interface, features and even fix bugs. You can inject the source code of the app into the virtual machine. VM from Dart will update all the classes for new fields. Then based on the new classes, the framework automatically creates a widget tree. This widget tree represents the effects of newer versions.

AOT(Ahead Of Time):

Dart is a programming language that allows Flutter development to be rapid. It is an AOT code that can be compiled easily and faster than other conventional languages. It provides rapid creation fo predictable native code o write Flutter codes in Dart language. It renders rapid app development and lower development life-cycle period.

Declarative Layouts:

Dart helps Flutter with declarative programming that is easy to read with simple syntax. Most popular programming languages need separate declarative layouts like JSX or XML. It means that there are distinct user interface creators for different layouts. But with Dart, all the layouts lie in one language rendering tools to design excellent UIs.


Think of a startup that wants to put an idea at work in the market? The first thing that any startup need is faster development option. Flutter, along with Dart, can help businesses achieve more rapid development cycles. 

As it is a rapid development framework, prototyping becomes faster. It helps startups and entrepreneurs test their apps well before the grand launch. It means a tried and tested formula for success!

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