5 Top Automation Testing Tools For Your Business In 2020

5 Top Automation Testing Tools For Your Busines In 2020

Testing remains the most influential part of your software or app development. Most firms need to overcome the bottlenecks of the testing paradigm. In the age of agile approach and DevOps, testing becomes paramount. 

The agile approach needs constant testing after every iterative process. Achieving continuous testing with minimal error is the utmost requirement. So, companies are now looking to automate the testing process.

5 Top Automation Testing Tools For Your Busines In 2020

It is the reason why automated testing markets are on the rise? The global automation testing market will grow up to $28.8 billion by 2024. The market set to grow at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 18%. Constant integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is catering to automation demands.

Let us know more about five such automated testing tools for your testing projects.

  1. Selenium:

Selenium considered as one of the most sort-after automation tools for web-apps. Developers and testers get excellent flexibility with it. Most of the programming languages used by developers like Java, Python, PHP, Perl, and others are supported for test scripts. 

These test scripts can run multiple environments like Linux, Mac or Windows. You can use Selenium to test your apps and software on headless browsers too. Though you need higher programming skills for using Selenium. Developers also need more time for automation frameworks and other requisites for automation.

  1. SoapUI:

It is not precisely an automation tool for your apps or websites. But, it does help DevOps with API testing services. It provides automation of functional testing for specific API designs. It also supports REST or Representational state transfer services.

It has an open-source version for API automation testing. It also provides a Pro version that has an easy user interface to use. The pro version also provides assertion wizard, SQL query builders, and even form editors. It also supports SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol services.

  1. Test Complete:

If you want a single automation testing tool for your web, apps, web-apps, and even desktop application, then this is for you. Testers can leverage different scripting languages like Javascript, Python, C++, and others.

It leverages an object identification engine to detect different UI elements dynamic in nature. It is beneficial for app testing automation. Application with dynamic UIs that change frequently can be tested adequately. 

  1. IBM RFT:

RFT stands for the rational functional tester. It is an automation tool designed explicitly for app testing. It supports testing of web-apps designed using languages like .Net, Visual Basic, Java, SAP, PowerBuilder, and others. It leverages data-driven app testing for function-based testing. With such a feature, IBM provides the ability to generate test scripts that remain constant amidst dynamic UIs.

  1. Tricentis Tosca:

A continuous testing platform that can support a complete testing toolkit. It is a complete package with a tool that offers automation of testing designs, reposts, and even analytics. Tricentis Tosca. It has features like dedicated dashboards, and the ability to integrate analytics.


If you want to test all your apps and web apps for continuous testing, you need automation. So, choose the best automation tools and get on with your testing projects. 

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