How To Maximize Exercise During The Corona Lockdown?


There has been a lockdown in several countries due to the pandemic of Corona. Whether you go to a gym or regular physical activities that are part of your job but, lockdown has forced gyms to be closed, and people are forced to stay at home. So, how can people sustain the workout routine in a lockdown?

As of now, there are 1653204 cases of COVID-19 infection registered from over 200 countries, with a death toll of 102088. As per the World Health Organization, this is a droplet-based infection that needs people to have high immunity to resist or fight the disease.

Physical exercise is considered as one of the best solutions for increased immunity. While gymming may have its benefits, but, acute short bursts of intensive exercises of less than 60 minutes can help boost immunity.

So, let us discover some intensive workouts that can help you maximize physical exercise at home for better immunity.

HIIT Workout:

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the best way to pump some heart and lose fat. If you are targeting immunity, then HIIT is one of the best options. It increases the circulation of blood through vital organs pushing your body to produce more WBC or white blood cells.

HIIT workout does not need a proper setup. It can be done on the terrace, in your home, or even in your bedroom. Some of the exercises that you can include as part of HIIT workouts are.


Burpees are full-body workouts. They target multiple muscles and provide an activity for numerous ancillary joint movements. You need to start by taking a jump from sit-up position, then come to push-up position and then again come back to sit-up position. You can do burpees in three sets of 10 each. 



Squats targets the core of your body, and it is excellent to keep the lower part of the body fat-free. Most of the people struggle with belly fat, and there is no better exercise than squats. Though weighted squats are best. But, if you are stuck in lockdown, you can try a bag full of water bottles, dumbells, kettlebells, and other weight options. Three sets with minimal rest periods are okay of 10 each. 


Mountain Climber:

A truly breathtaking exercise. Mountain climbing can be done in an upright push up position with alternate legs trying to climb a slippery mountain. The exercise targets abs and even pelvic joints. It is an excellent exercise for belly fat, hip joints, and lower body fat. Three sets of 10 each can be enough with short intervals.



Whether you want more significant muscle hypertrophy or fat loss, it is pure gold. The posture is essential in pushups, and that is the reason beginners should perform it with legs touching the floor. Three sets of intense pushups often each is more than enough.



Remember to hydrate in between intervals with just one of a mouthful of water. You can do all these workouts in short intervals one after the other to maximize your exercise session. Start your journey to higher immunity today with these exercises.

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