Corona Effect: How Social Distancing Needs Social Media?

Novel COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak has been disruptive in creating a significant impact on businesses. It is a pandemic that has affected the global markets and businesses on the whole. It has transformed our lives in many ways. The total number of Coronavirus infected cases as of now is 1,312,496 with a death toll of 72,636.

These numbers can be rapidly changing as you read this. But, specific measures can help you avoid the infection. According to the World Health Organization, one of the most important ways to save yourself from Corona is “Social Distancing“. Many countries and governments are following the guideline. They have issued lockdown to keep the practice od social distancing intact. 

In the wake of this pandemic, one thing that can help keep the social distancing more useful than ever is Social Media platforms. Social Media platforms are often associated with virtual connectivity. So, how can these platforms help curb the outbreak through social distancing?

Social Media for Businesses:

social media for business

For many businesses, social media has provided a much-needed platform to converse during the lockdown periods. Many social media apps like Facebook offers Workplace. It is a team collaboration app from Facebook. You can connect with remote employees through the app and collaborate for project works.

Social Media for Connectivity:

Connecting people has been the initial motive behind every Social Media platform. With Corona affected physical, social networks, they are the best way to stay connected. These Social Media platforms can help people connect during social distancing. Businesses can also leverage these platforms. Brands can keep in touch with their consumers through these social media platforms.

Mainly, businesses like gyms can use these platforms with a little tweak to offer personalized fitness training. These training sessions are exclusive to subscribers. Similarly, companies associated with digital marketing, entertainment industry, and media can use these platforms to engage their consumers.

Social Media for E-commerce:

Social Media for E-commerce

People under lockdown may not prefer to go shopping. But, online e-commerce stores that offer daily essentials can leverage these platforms. It is simple; people can connect with e-commerce stores to order everyday essentials, staples, and even medicines through social media. E-commerce stores, which are not having the resource or time to develop apps, can use this medium.

Social Media for Awareness:

For any pandemic to be controlled, knowledge and awareness are lethal weapons. As per WHO, people needs to be at a certain distance from an already infected person to avoid Coronavirus infection. Lack of knowledge of such necessary guidelines can prove fatal. Social Media, with over 3.8 billion active users, certainly helps in spreading awareness.


We are up against an enemy that is not just unpredictable, but, does not have a cure. Two things that can keep this pandemic at bay is social distancing and awareness. Social Media platforms can help keep the practice of social distancing useful. 

And generate more awareness among people. Amidst the market slowdown and disrupted business operations, such platforms can help businesses sustain. Through social media platforms, brands can still connect with customers, and e-commerce businesses can remain productive.

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