5 Secrets To Web Development For A Better Traffic In 2020

5 Secrets To Web Development For A Better Traffic

Web development has been more attractive than ever. The reason behind this trend is the increasing number of people on the internet. Every business is going online, and e-commerce economy is on the rise. It makes total sense for any firm to look for a web portal to normalize key business activities. 

Any business needs traffic for leads. These leads convert to sales that foster the growth of the companies. With 94% of first impressions relating to a website’s design, it makes the design of your homepage of prime importance. So, let’s discover some secrets of web development for better traffic. 

  1. User Interface:

A user interface or UI is the gateway to your website. Any user can interact with your web system through this UI. So, creating an excellent UI is essential. It can be done through several key components like better navigation, CTAs(Call To Action) buttons, menus, and several others. 

Another aspect of UI design is making it user-friendly. A UI that can uplift the user experience or UX is beneficial. It can help increase user engagement and generate more traffic.

  1. Mobile-First:

The number of smartphone users is growing in huge numbers. As of February 28, 2020, the total number of global smartphone users crossed 3 billion and will continue to rise. It is the reason why firms should look for web development with a mobile-first strategy for better traffic.

5 Secrets To Web Development For A Better Traffic

An easy way to do that is responsive web design. Companies can hire professional web designers that provide responsive web designs. Web design is responsive when it adapts to different screen orientation. That means it works the same way on a mobile screen as it works on a desktop screen.

  1. Search Intent:

Companies can optimize their code according to the search intent of the users. For this, you need to have valuable insights into search intent. There are several ways to gauge the search intent of a user. Even search engines like Google has provided some guidance to identify the search intent. Based on the same, you need to change the code of web development for better traffic. 

  1. Right Content:

As they say content is the king! Whether you are targeting organic audience or paid marketing, your content should be great as well. If your content is not in line with your web development and marketing strategies, there is no way to gain traffic. Content should be original, intuitive, thought-provoking, and never too promotional. 

  1. URL Structure:

A URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the backbone of web development. Your traffic is dependent on URL structure. Whether you have canonicalized the root page or not, you can determine whether your website can rank among SERPs or not. SERP or Search Engine Result pages determine your place among Google’s top ten results. It is where your audience will look for your website.


The trick to a great website is not that simple. But, with the right web development service, you can obtain a great website. And if you have a great website, traffic is bound to come. So, whether you want to reach more consumers or improve your sales, web traffic matters the most. So, develop a great website and achieve the best traffic.

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