What Content to Publish in B2B

What B2B content to publish? What types of content should I favor when my business is in B2B? Which articles have the best performance in B2B? What content to work on your notoriety and increase your traffic but also to educate, convert, build loyalty? A study by Buzzsumo from 2015 and the most recent one from 2016 based on data from the most shared content on social networks and having obtained the most inbound links allow us to understand which content is the most suitable to guide your customers from their first visit until the sale. A valuable source for optimizing your content strategy.Before starting your tutorial, get my Roadmap , consult the Traffic & Customers Program and download free guides and tips to create traffic, generate leads and attract customers that how to buy sugar in bulk:Also test the tools I use to attract 5,000 email subscribers each month, generate 100s of business meetings and reach 200,000 and 275,000 monthly visitors:

Improve your content strategyInbound marketing strategies have become widely popular in a few years. Unfortunately, posting great content and promoting it on social media isn’t enough to generate leads and sales.

Among my clients, I observe 2 categories of businesses:1. Those who publish content without succeeding in creating traffic2. Those who have traffic but fail to convert it into customers.

If you have traffic problems, your problem is probably in the very nature of your content. Your content is in competition with thousands of articles and visuals produced every day on the Internet. Places on the first page of Google and on your customers’ news feed on Facebook are expensive.

If, on the other hand, you have conversion problems, your problem is most likely to be found in your content tunnel. Indeed, some content is indeed tailored to generate attention and sharing to gradually imprint the authority and credibility of your business while others – more discreet – will lead your customers to make their decision.

The path the customer takes before contacting you or making a purchase is winding. The customer will first discover you, following a research, a publication or an advertisement then rediscover you a few months later by chance, subscribe (perhaps) to your email list or on Twitter then return to browse until they have an urgent need or problem to be solved, think about your options and finally contact your company.

Being aware of the weaknesses and gaps in your content tunnel allows you to identify the missing content and little by little to sculpt your pipeline to meet all the levels of expectation of your customers and finally generate traffic, leads AND sales:

Example: on Webmarketing Conseil, for a long time I focused on articles with high traffic potential, . This type of article generates a lot of attention with 50,000 page

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Written by Bella Thomas


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