IPL Cricket Broadcasting Rights 2023

IPL Cricket Broadcasting Rights 2023

The Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL, is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most widely followed sporting events globally. IPL, which started in 2008, has grown exponentially over the years, and its popularity is on an upward trajectory.

Apart from being a platform for the world’s best cricketers to showcase their skills, IPL has also emerged as a significant revenue-generating opportunity for the franchises, players, and broadcasters. One of the primary sources of revenue for IPL is through the sale of broadcasting rights.

In this blog, we will look at the broadcasting rights of IPL 2023 and the possible contenders for the same.


The broadcasting rights of IPL are usually sold for a period of five years. The last rights were sold in 2018, with Star India winning the bid for a whopping Rs 16,347.50 crores. Star India acquired the rights for IPL from 2018 to 2022, covering both TV and digital platforms. This was a massive jump from the previous rights, which were sold for Rs 8,200 crores for ten years.

Contenders for IPL 2023 Broadcasting Rights

The broadcasting rights for IPL 2023 are yet to be sold. However, there are a few contenders who have shown interest in acquiring the rights.

  1. Star India

Star India is the current holder of the IPL broadcasting rights and has been doing an excellent job of it. Their coverage of IPL has been top-notch, and they have brought in innovative ideas and technology to enhance the viewer experience.

Considering their success with IPL and the massive amount they paid to acquire the rights, it is safe to assume that they would be interested in retaining the broadcasting rights for IPL 2023. They have the financial power and experience to make a competitive bid for the same.

  1. Sony Pictures Network

Sony Pictures Network (SPN) is another significant player in the Indian broadcasting industry. They have a portfolio of over 30 channels and are known for their sports coverage, with channels like Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2, and Sony Six.

SPN has a good track record when it comes to cricket broadcasting rights. They have acquired the rights for broadcasting international cricket matches in India, including India’s home matches, until 2023. They also have experience in broadcasting the IPL, having held the rights from 2008 to 2017.

With their expertise and financial strength, SPN could be a potential contender for the IPL 2023 broadcasting rights.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a new entrant to the Indian broadcasting industry, having launched in India in 2016. However, they have made significant strides in a short period. They have acquired the rights to broadcast the New Zealand Cricket matches in India, which is a significant achievement.

Amazon Prime Video has the financial power to make a competitive bid for the IPL broadcasting rights. They also have the technical expertise to provide a seamless viewing experience to the audience.

  1. Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, and it is India’s largest telecom operator. Jio has disrupted the Indian telecom industry with its low-priced data plans and has a massive subscriber base.

Jio has recently entered the broadcasting industry and has launched JioTV+. They have acquired the digital rights to broadcast the Olympics 2020 and the French Open 2021 in India. They have also acquired the rights to broadcast the Abu Dhabi T10 cricket league in India.

Jio has the financial resources to make a competitive bid for the IPL broadcasting rights. They also have a vast subscriber base that they can leverage to generate revenue.

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