How is E-Dating Gaining Popularity Among Youngsters?


There is no point in arguing that meeting with new people online has become the standard norm for youngsters. With changing times, social cultures are also evolving. And then comes the online dating websites that claim to alter the entire dating landscape with their revolutionary platform. The idea behind this article is to explore the domain of online dating, how they are gaining popularity, and what are the dark sides to it. 

The Reason Behind Online Dating

One of the biggest reasons why teenagers tend to date online is simply because everyone else is doing the same. It is imperative to understand the this is what has become their comfort zone. The very moment they created their social media account, they experienced it first-hand. Afterall meet with new people and flirting with them outside your social circle is every teen’s dream. It is probably the first time they understand the true meaning of love and relationship. 

And this made the biggest USP for online dating websites to target youngsters. In a sense, they even acquire confidence in chatting online instead of meeting with new people upfront. After all, one can always justify that it is still awkward to declare your love to someone in the school corridors. 

The Darker Side of It

One would be surprised to know how age verification in the majority of the dating websites is just a gimmick. That means even someone is 15 years old; they can easily log in to the website with higher age. This raises the concern for their parents, which is justified to a certain extent. The majority of the sites were originally designed for adults. Even if youngsters allowed to join, there should be a strict restriction with the age of 18 or even 21 for countries. 

And don’t get us started with the abuse these youngsters had to face. Both physically and mentally. The majority of cybercrimes are also associated with dating websites. These young children easily trust someone unknown and end up hurting themselves. 

Forgetting Real-Life Romance

There are significant benefits to online dating. Even you can find a ton of testimonials from these websites on how people found their loved ones. But the same doesn’t go for youngsters. Since the very beginning, they are accustomed to online dating, which doesn’t let them feel the magic of real-life romance. How waiting for someone feels and conveying your love for the first time raises your heartbeat. 

Concluding Words

Before wrapping up, it is essential to understand that you are never going to marry the person who becomes your very first date. There are going to several ups and downs in life. And the same goes for a relationship. It takes more than just an attractive physical appearance to be with someone. That being said, online dating is fun if kept at a minimum usage. The current obsession with dating multiple people is devastating and affects youngsters both physically and mentally. 

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