How has the Global Pandemic Affected the Travel Industry?

Travel Industry

The fastest falling industry with the coronavirus outbreak is the travel industry. As the entire world has gone into lockdown, there is hardly any tourist left to fly. According to the latest prediction by the World Travel and Tourism Council, if the pandemic continues for another 2-3 months, there are some severe losses ahead. More than 75 million people can lose their job while taking a toll on $ 2.1 trillion in revenue. 

UNWTO’s Guidelines for Tourism

While the majority of tourism has been shut down, few are still functional. This is to ensure that the import and export of goods take place seamlessly. That being said, down below are some of the guidelines: 

  • Agencies need to work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) for proper management of the outbreak. 
  • WHO suggested health measures need to be implemented to minimize the risk.
  • Transports need to be standing in solidarity in context to the affected counties. 
  • Should always be ready to provide support for further recovery. 

Government’s Messages to Tourists

With the unfortunate circumstances, central governments of different countries have entirely stopped tourism. Indeed, this is going to have a massive pullback for their revenue income, but people’s lives are more important than that. As of now, three of the regional airlines have already filed for bankruptcy in the United States. And the same condition is being portrayed in the cruise industry too. 

Highest Affected Countries

More than one-fifth of the total GDP comes from tourism for countries such as the Philippines and Thailand. That being said, two of the most affected countries in the pandemic, Italy, and Spain also rely upon their tourism. While on the other hand, South Korea seems to be handling the outbreak at its best. While taking in sheer number, the United States appears to have taken the most significant losses. 

Future of Travel Industry

There is no point in arguing that it is the biggest hit the tourist industry has ever taken. But, as we are approaching towards the better end of the pandemic, consumers are being assured that eventually, everything will return to normal. Major airlines and travel agencies have taken this inspirational approach. Further including, everyone is being encouraged to think about their future travels instead of being stuck at present. 

You would be surprised to know that Switzerland tourism has taken a completely different approach to this matter. They are providing their users with a glimpse of Switzerland through their social media handles. 

Final Thoughts

As stated earlier, it is not the right time to lose hope. A bright future is not too far away. Indeed, the tourist industry is running at an all-time low, and it would take a considerable amount of time to recover back to normal. As for the tourists themselves, they need to understand that canceling a trip or two won’t affect too much on their livelihood. So, for the time being, stay home and stay secure. 

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