How COVID-19 is Affecting the Educational System?

Educational System

You will be surprised to know that over a billion students worldwide are unable to continue their education. After the coronavirus outbreak, the entire world has come to a virtual standstill. The pandemic has not only created an economic impact across the globe but also hampered education. According to the data released by UNESCO, around 1.3 billion students around the world are unable to attend their schools and colleges. 

Impact on Educational System

Going to school is probably the best time spent by children. But the sole reason behind this is to upskill them. While the same does not apply to students in high-school and colleges. But, for the children, this is the building block of their career and who they are going to be. So, even a short period of missed school time can create a more significant impact on their skill growth. 

With the entire educational system being shut down, institutes are advising their students to carry on with their education. As for the children who have started in their pre-school, the parents need to take the baton. Families have always been the center of education, and the same should be applied right now. Their own parents should teach children and so that they can continue their education even at the time of crisis. 

Education Post Pandemic

 After lockdown is removed, it’s going to take significant time before anyone resumes regular routine. So, schools and colleges can assume that it is going to take another month or so before they find every other student within the classroom. Under such circumstances, the continuation of education through digital media might become the most fruitful solution. In the next section, we will be discussing the alternative solution that schools should come up with. 

Alternate Solution

Educational institutes should give more emphasis to e-learning. This is the best time than ever to test these models. Students can resume their learning in the comfort of their own home. Google classroom is an excellent example of such. Online exams should also be promoted so that the lockdown doesn’t create a hindrance in education. Study materials can always be converted into digital media and shared among students. And even after the reign of coronavirus pandemic is over, such a way of promoting education can be continued. 

Wrapping Up

There is no point in arguing that global lockdown has caused a significant impact on the overall educational system. It has not only just interrupted their learning but also disrupted the whole chain of education. There is no way to take internal assessments, let alone the final examination. 

That being said, the continuation of livelihood is far more crucial. So, once the schools reopen, the institutions need to make the best use of their resources. And instead of just skipping the examination, they can resort to postpone them. New policies should also be included so that the fresh graduates don’t have to go through unemployment. 

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