How do you manage your real estate agency communication using the world-famous social network Facebook?

Facebook remains one of the largest social networks in the world and, in this regard, represents a powerful marketing tool for a real estate agency. Today, it exceeds two billion monthly active users, and for France, we are talking about more than 35 million users. This represents more than one in two French people!

It has become an essential social network for real estate professionals because it helps raise awareness among buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. All profiles rub shoulders on social networks, particularly those whose age range remains very wide: between 25 and 65 years old.

Being present on Facebook will give you many opportunities for your real estate agency, whether for the distribution of your advertisements, the loyalty of your customers, or the acquisition of new prospects.

Before listing our tips in this article, we wanted to remind you of the difference between a personal profile and a professional page.

According to Facebook regulations, using a personal profile for professional purposes is strictly prohibited. You must create a page from your profile because they are two perfectly distinct entities.

Personal Facebook profile:

A personal profile represents a natural person. It bears your first and last name and is used to share unique content: photos, videos, and articles. It must be used for personal use and not be the subject of advertising or any commercial approach.

However, you can choose to appear in “public” mode, meaning that everyone can have access to your profile, without distinction, or in a “private” way, and at this time, you must have previously accepted these people as friends so that they can have access to your content Followerspro.

Thanks to the “subscribe” function, it is possible to automatically follow your news feed without having you among your friends. This is the case for many personalities. Regarding the limits of a personal profile, you can have up to 5,000 friends (which is still a lot…)

The professional Facebook real estate agency page:

You can create a professional page linked to your activity from your profile (see Michael above).

This page is public; all Internet users can “like” and, therefore, follow your news daily and interact with you if they wish. Compared to a personal profile, the professional page is not restricted to the number of “fans.”

Through this page, you have the opportunity to promote your real estate agency, gain visibility, develop your existing network of prospects and customers, and raise awareness among a new target through several ways:

How to share relevant content on your real estate agency’s Facebook page?

Feeding your page is the most important thing to get started on Facebook. Whether it is the publication of your exclusive real estate or simple mandate, real estate news, or even the life of your agency by highlighting your team of negotiators or agents, for example, it is essential to vary your content so as not to bore your subscribers, but be careful not to overdo it so as not to scare them away!

Facebook has also written a guide on best practices for making a video.

Intended for a reasonably advanced audience in terms of use of social networks, it is divided into two parts:

6 tips for maintaining production and optimizing your content library

– How to go live with advanced streaming software

– Re-publish your best content

– Mass upload your videos to build your content library

– Organize your content using new tools for playlists and series

– Create or join a relevant challenge and invite your fans to participate

– Highlight your best stories around specific themes

6 Tips for Engaging Your Fans and Building a Community

– How to go live with a friend or fan

– Get involved in Facebook groups

– Organize a Watch Party

– Add a poll to your videos

– Be active in the comments

– Use stickers in your stories

– Interact with your Facebook followers:

Facebook created its algorithm based on interaction.

The more engagements on your professional page (comments, shares), the wider the reach of your publications will be. It is essential to ask your subscribers questions about their feelings, ask for their opinions, etc. You can also use the tools Facebook makes available, such as stories. It is a new informal communication method that develops a feeling of closeness and is highly appreciated by a vast community of Internet users.

 – Communicate live:

Take the time to respond to your subscribers’ comments and the opinions they may leave you. Show that you are responsive, professional, and interested in what they post on your Facebook page.

The advantage of a Facebook page is that all organic aspects remain free, but some of its tools require payment.

What are the advantages of the professional page for your real estate agency?

– Gain visibility for your real estate agency

Not only will you be able to share content, thus creating external links to your website, for example, but you will also gain visibility.

Facebook has excellent natural referencing (SEO), so it is essential to correctly fill in all the fields on your page (contact details, times, legal notices, etc.). Thanks to this information, users will have less difficulty finding and suggesting you to other Internet users.

– A guarantee of trust with real estate prospects

Having your own Facebook page for your real estate activity allows you to give a feeling of credibility and professionalism to your Internet users. As project leaders increasingly focus on a digital approach for their preliminary searches for real estate partners, you must be visible professionally.

You can highlight your goods and services, and in return, you allow your current customers to write comments, likes, or opinions, thus reassuring your prospects.

– Analysis statistics for managing your return on investment

Your Facebook page gives you access to the “Statistics” tab. It allows you to learn many things about your customers and yourself. You must learn to decipher all the indicators relating to your publications to measure effectiveness.

Among other things, you can see:

– Views of your page,

– “Like” mentions

– The reach of your publications (i.e., the number of people who have seen the content published on your page)

– The interactions of your publications (i.e., the number of times people have interacted with your publications through comments, likes, shares, etc.).

Carrying out analyses regularly allows you to improve and optimize your communication according to your subscribers’ habits.

– Facebook Ads advertising campaigns

As we have seen, Facebook offers its interface for free. However, on your page, you will find an “Ads Area” tab, allowing you to create your advertising and promote your publications (images, videos) to a broader target.

When you want to set up a campaign, you need to define three criteria:

– The audience (age group, gender, location, interests (optional))

– The duration,

– The cost

Furthermore, Facebook has decided to remove its 20% text rule, which penalized many campaigns for which the description was much higher than the images.

Even if you consider this news satisfactory for your SEA, it is recommended not to change your habits and not write long descriptions. According to numerous studies, images with less than 20% text were more effective.

It is also possible to consult your statistics to see if it is working as you expected and consider it to improve your next one.

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