What is Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging? Here is Everything to Not

When it comes to product packaging, every marketplace has to interact with the process everyone on a daily basis.When it comes to packaging, people often link it to the quality of the product. So, it is necessary to provide perfect custom eco friendly packaging to a considerable product.

But what about the environment? Are these two things connected? As we all know, today is the world of the digital marketplace. Everything from buying to selling goes online. More than the offline market, the online market uses more packaging material harmful to nature. Products are generally packed in bubble wrap, plastic containers, plastic packets which cannot decompose.

So, to avoid all this, custom eco-friendly packaging is introduced in the market. Sometimes customers also become concerned about using plastic in packaging.

Types of Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging 

#1. Earth Bags: These bags are eco friendly products made of brown recycled paper that is corn-based and has 100% natural biofilm (renewable). These are wallet-friendly too. It can be used for pet food, cosmetics etc.

#2. Paper Tubes, Kraft Pouches, Matt Pouches: Instead of plastic packets used for specific snacks in markets, these packaging can be used. For dry snacks and also students’stationery. Once when discarded, it would quickly decompose and not harm nature.

#3. Compo Stable Bags: Garbage Bags, Clothing Bags, Cling Wrap, Food Gloves, And Many More – at a significant scale, plastic bags are used that are not recycled or decomposed for garbage. Clothing products are bought online and offline, both at an enormous scale.

#4. Recyclable Bags/Pouches: Stand Up Pouches, Gusset Bags, And Quad Bags – once packaging is made, it should be of excellent quality so that it can be used again. These custom eco friendly packaging can be used at home for certain other products, and making boxes recyclable makes it easy for customers to discard packaging easily.

Reasons to Use Eco Friendly Packaging 

#1. Decreases In Carbon Footprint: The apparent reason is protecting our environment. The materials used for making these eco friendly packages are all biodegradable, recycled material which automatically reduces the wastage of natural resources for any production. It minimizes the destructive impact businesses have on the environment. 

#2. Biodegradable: When discarded, the packaging has minimal impact on the environment.

#3. Multipurpose: This type of sustainable custom eco friendly packaging is very versatile. That is why it is used in every industry, whether cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc., to fulfill all the green needs without harming them.

#4. Improve Brand Image: When you do a good deed, your image turns good automatically. Similarly with the brands also. By using such products, their image turns good. Customers or clients look up to you as to how responsible you are for the good and bad vibes of the environment.

Any Drawbacks of Eco friendly Packaging? 

Well, total replacement of non-biodegradable products cannot take place. Sometimes you have to use a product that is not good for the environment, but it becomes an obligation. Their hygienic standards are debatable, like using an earthen pot. And sometimes they can be costlier too.


At the end of the day, it is no doubt that using custom eco-friendly packaging will show up with a significant change in the market.Paper mills use PEFC and FSC accredited manufacturers to produce cardboard when we talk about this packaging. They avoid big sizes for small products using the right size box to bring shipping costs down.

Using custom eco-friendly packaging can be a high turnover both for customers and the sellers. The marketplace is something through which the world is connected. So to make it a better place to live, this change is a must. There is nothing to lose but great to achieve.

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